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Effective Fire Protection: A National Concern — explores how community growth can affect fire protection and how fire chiefs use PPC to help plan for, budget, and justify improvements
ISO’s PPC™ Program: Helping to Build Effective Fire-Protection Services — explains how the PPC program helps communities improve their fire protection, and how ISO’s community outreach efforts help communities realize the economic benefits of improved public protection
FireLine™: Pinpointing Losses in the Wildfires of 2003 — describes how FireLine information correlated with burn areas in the California wildfires in San Diego and San Bernardino Counties

ISO will send you the following selected studies within two business days:

Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) — manual containing criteria ISO uses in reviewing the firefighting capabilities of individual communities
Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS™) — manual containing criteria ISO uses to assess the building codes in effect in a community and how the community enforces its codes
Catastrophe Risk Modeling Applications to Homeland Security and Defense — describes catastrophe risk modeling technology and the underlying data, provides illustrations of applications, and highlights key issues for communities and government agencies
Analyzing and Preparing for Multiple Event Seasons — explains how you can account for the probability of multiple events in a single year, and techniques for government agencies to improve catastrophe risk-management strategies
The Coastline at Risk: Estimated Insured Value of Coastal Properties in Hurricane Katrina’s Wake — explores how the increase in the number and value of exposed properties in coastal states contributes to increasing hurricane losses
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